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“Celebrating Our Families and Our Differences”

Applying God’s Word to Our Daily Lives

Glorifying God Through Personal Prayer

Salvation By God’s Grace

Living Through The Teachings of Scripture

Having Faith in Jesus Christ

Our Mission

Geneva Presbyterian Church strives to be welcoming and accepting

Here at Geneva we are deeply committed to rethinking church for the 21st century. With Jesus Christ as our example and Savior, we embrace radical inclusivity that affirms and celebrates the personhood of all people without judgement or condemnation. It is our joy to claim our being reformed while continuing to be reformed.

We welcome you to come and worship with us.  As a family oriented church, our emphasis is on the care and development of children and families as we seek to understand God’s word as it applies to our daily lives.

Joshua Trautmann


Our Holiday Gift Fair

To purchase a holiday gift, please follow the two steps below:

Step 1.  Select one method to submit our form:

a.  Click here to download the Holiday Gift Fair form, fill in and and email to 


b. Fill in the form online, which will automatically send your filled in form to our email.

Step 2. 

Donate the total amount you have purchased here.

Thank you!


Joy to the World

At the Holiday Gift Fair 12/6/20 and 12/13/20, the following gifts were purchased by:



Family Promise

Program support

$ 5.00

Children's Crisis Center

Dinner for 5 children

$ 5.00

Box of diapers

$ 10.00

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Water filter for urban US

$ 10.00

Heifer International

Goats for Africa

$ 10.00

Ducks for Cambodia

$ 1.00

The Gideon's International

Bibles sent overseas

$ 5.00

Living Water for the World

Install clean water system

$ 5.00

Modesto Gospel Mission

Feed a family of 3 for 1 night

$ 5.00

One night's food & shelter for a fam of 3

$ 10.00

Christian Berets

Help a handicapped person go to camp

$ 5.00

Mission JASMin

Homeless child's hygiene kit

$ 5.00

Christmas food basket ($75.00 each)

$ 1.00

Habitat for Humanity

5 light switches

$ 5.00

Porch light

$ 10.00

Medical Benevolence Foundation

Malaria prevention bed nets

$ 10.00

Vaccinations / Mobile Health Clinic

$ .50

Romanian Orphans (NOROC)

Development assistance

$ 5.00

Vietnamese Evangelical Outreach

Bible in Vietnamese

$ 8.00

Purchase through: Geneva Presyterian Church, Modesto, CA

Please do not forget to complete Step 2.  Donate the total amount you have purchased here.

“Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds your future…”


In Our Community

Our Vision

We strive to develop fully alive followers of Christ, by continuing to mature our faith through learning. teaching, modeling, and sharing God’s love with others.

It is our desire to be an instrument of change with which to begin closing the gap between ourselves and God’s ideal for us. In order to see our vision become a reality to any degree, we must engage in intentional mission.


Our church supports numerous mission and service agencies in our community:

  • Children’s Crisis Center
  • The Modesto Men’s and Women’s Missions
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Interfaith Ministries
  • Heifer Project International
  • Christian Berets
  • Family Promise of Greater Modesto (Interfaith Hospitality Network)

Connect With Us


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Church Service

Every Sunday

9:30am Single Worship Service

10:30am Coffee Fellowship

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:  7:300am - 2:00pm

Holiday hours:

Closed:  Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year's Day

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Geneva Presbyterian Church

1229 E. Fairmont Ave.

Modesto, CA  95350

Ph: (209) 524-6841


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